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 Do you know where Jesus is now?  Do you know he is with you this moment?  Do you actually see him?  Would you like to "hang out" with Jesus and  accompany him the same way his followers did when he was ministering in Judea 2,000 years ago?  If you are not seeing him all the time, in your present life,  and "hanging out" with him, you should and you can!  

You can meet Jesus "face-to-face" and experience his real power and omnipresence here, now, and always. 

 Did you know that?   

He is spirit and you will see him in that state.  You will see him in your "mind's eye" and not by your physical eyes.  Because of the miraculous way he appears, even the blind can "see" him.   You can see him whenever and wherever you choose.

The affect he will have on you is real.   He will prove himself, show himself, and change your life for the better if you simply ask that from him.

If you want to meet Jesus, know him, and have him give you the "abundant life"  go to God 101 by clicking below.  GOD 101 explains Jesus and takes you into his presence the same way he would have done for you in Judea, when he walked there.

If you are in a hurry to meet Jesus now,  there is a quick way to meet with him wherever you are at this moment.  But remember, just seeing Jesus is not the same as "hanging out" with him full time.  You need to read GOD 101 and think about it.  You may not want to be one of his daily followers.  

Remember, "hanging out with Jesus" is an experience that lasts forever.  Be sure you want to do that before you ask for it!  You may want a refresher course on Jesus' Good News.  If you want another look at Jesus' Gospel, click here.

Now, on to your meeting with Jesus!  Do you have a meeting room where you two will not be interrupted?  Well, find  a private place that is quiet.  Go there and sit still with your eyes closed.  

Tell Jesus he said he would be with you always and you want to be with him now.  Ask him to show you where you can meet him.  Be still and soon you will have a scene or a memory in your mind.  Be patient and wait for it.

When you get the scene or memory in your mind, look around in it for Jesus.  He is there and you will see him or know he is present.  This will happen.  Watch what he does.  He won't speak to you but what he does will give you a message. He  will show you something you never before knew. Especially he will prove he has always been, and always is,  your traveling companion. 

When the scene or memory fades, ask Jesus for another one and continue this until no more scenes appear.  When finished, give him thanks and meditate on what he has shown you.  You will never forget this event.

Your next stop is at GOD 101.  Read it slowly, think about the ideas, apply them where you can, and finish it.  

When you get into God 101, you can start at the beginning and finish the work in a short time.  Please pay special attention to pages 6 - 20.  

When finished, you will know whether or not you want to "hang out" with Jesus forever. You will also be sure of who he is and what he does.  You won't need a degree in theology to understand this because Jesus will "teach you all things."

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